Lurana Lubello and the harp


Musical entertainment


Music has an important place in everyone's life. Who doesn't remember the hit song  from a special summer or the intense emotion associated with the sound track of a   favorite movie ? There are so many examples !

If you are planning a special event in your life - whether for family or work reasons - do   not forget to create the right mood with appropriate musical accompaniment. A harp    makes a great visual impact and shows refined taste; its magical and soothing sound   creates an unusually relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

So why not choose a harp, alone or with other instruments, for your special event?     Ceremonies of all types, weddings, conventions, parties of any kind ! We are expert in    tailoring the musical selection to your needs !  

If your aim is commercial promotion, you will find your clients welcome music. Businesses, such as La Rinascente, HERMES, Mondadori, Ente Fiera di Milano etc., can bear witness, having used our musical entertainment with success. Our years of experience in the musical entertainment sector are a guarantee of maximum professionalism.

Write to to set up your personalized program or to receive further information.

Lurana Lubello in abito settecentesco
AEolian Duo
Ensemble Amarcord
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Musical entertainment
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